Modern Vehicle Electronics Systems

Greenard's Garage use Snap-On diagnostic equipment combined with technical data offered by the main vehicle manufacturers.

It is a common misconception that vehicle diagnostic equipment can correctly identify every specific fault on a vehicle. It is more usual for the technician to be given an area of the vehicle's operation that the computers are reporting is not functioning correctly and which requires further investigation. This usually needs to be done on a mechanical and electrical testing basis, before a part can be replaced or a repair conducted. It is therefore important that such investigations are carried out by a suitably experienced and trained person.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Modern vehicles are powered by a series of computers, which communicate with one another to create adjustments to many aspects of their operation without the driver even being aware. These systems are generally robust and reliable, however, when problems do occur with electronics the symptoms often present as a warning light or an engine misfire which require an external computer to be connected in order to identify the initial area of fault.