Greenards Garage

Website Privacy Policy

1. We do not record any user data on our website.

2. We do not use any third party tracking or advertising systems on our website.

3. We do link to or include a third party system on our website. We link to Google Maps to provide a map and directions to find our business. Link to Google Maps Terms of Service.

4. Our website hosting provider will maintain and record website logs. This information includes: IP Address, Web page requested, Date and time of page request, Web browser you are using. This information is generally anonymous and cannot be used to identify an individual.

5. If you fill in and use our contact form, we will hold these details: Name, Email Address / Telephone Number, Any message you enter. We collect this data in order to be able to communicate with you. We will hold onto this information for a short period of time, and for longer if you become a customer.

6. We will not sell or supply any information we hold to any third parties.